Spend Analysis / Annual Account Summary

An easy way to monitor spending

Spend Analysis Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Spend Analysis?

Spend Analysis is a free online tool that allows you to:

Review card spending on a monthly, quarterly, year- to- date or annual basis
View spending by Total Spending, Category, and more
Customize view to meet your needs, with up to 36 months of data available.

  • Who can view Spend Analysis?

Spend analysis can be viewed by anyone who has an account enrolled in U.S. Bank Online Banking.

  • Is there a fee for Spend Analysis?

The Spend Analysis tool is free to all users enrolled in U.S. Bank Online Banking.

  • How long are transactions available?

You can view up to 36 months of data.

  • When is transaction information updated?

Data is loaded on a monthly basis and should be available by the 5th business day of the month.

If you are attempting to access a new account, the account must go through one statement cycle before data will become available.

  • Can I download my transactions by month, quarter or year?

Yes, Spend Analysis will allow you to select your transaction time frames and view that information in your browser window.

  • How are spend categories defined?

Spend categories are determined based on the way the Association has assigned the merchant to a specific category or classification. When you make a credit card purchase, we receive this classification along with information about your purchase. We use this classification to categorize your transaction. If a merchant is a large company with many different departments, we cannot specify the department from which the item was purchased.

  • How are transactions assigned to a merchant category?

Transactions are automatically categorized based on the merchant classification we receive as part of the transaction from processing partners such as Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

  • How are my top spend categories defined?

We will display the 8 highest spend categories for the time period you selected and all other transactions will fall into “Other.”

  • When I look at my spending chart it lists “Other”, what is included in “Other.”?

Other is comprised of remaining transaction spend categories that are not part of top categories.

  • One of my accounts has been replaced by a new one. How will the transactions be displayed?

If one of your accounts is replaced by a new one, the transactions you made on the old account will continue to be displayed in Spend Analysis- the transactions from the old account will be associated with the new account.

  • How can I view an employee account or the total spend for the company?

As an Authorized Officer for the company, you would have availability to view all accounts within the company by selecting “All” or you can choose to view an individual account. Individual employees would have access to their account spend only.

  • Can an employee view spend on their account?

Employees will have access to their historical transaction spend and be able to download an Annual Account Summary for their account only.

  • What is Annual Account Summary?

It is a PDF report that provides an annual summary of your transactions based on categories.

It allows you to choose the transaction period you want to download; this is available for Year to Date and prior two years).

  • Can I download my transactions?

The Annual Account Summary report can be downloaded to a PDF for the current year or prior two years.  If you need your transactions in a Quicken, QuickBooks, or Excel/CSV format, they can be downloaded via the “Download Transactions” functionality on your Credit card or Checking account “Account Activity” section.

  • How soon can I see my previous year's annual account summary?

A complete Annual Account Summary for the previous year will be available after the first 5 business days of January the following year.

  • For my annual account summary, does that include all the users of my account?

You can view all the transactions for the cards under your account.

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