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Account Alerts
Get quick updates via email or text.1

Stay on top of what matters to you — whether it’s tracking your card balance or watching for suspicious activity. Set and change your alert preferences to receive more or fewer messages.

Alert Options Include:

+ Statement & Payment Alerts

- Statement & Payment Alerts

  • Online Statement Available
  • Payment Due
  • Payment Overdue
  • Payment Posted

+ Transaction Alerts

- Transaction Alerts

  • Suspicious Transaction
  • Transaction Dollar Amount
  • Credit Posted
  • DebitPosted
  • Card Not Present
  • International Transaction
  • ATM Cash Withdrawal
  • Declined Transaction
  • Gas Station Purchase

+ Account Balance Alerts

- Account Balance Alerts

  • Available Credit
  • Balance Exceeds Defined Amount

To sign up for any of these alerts, simply log in to Online Banking and select My Alerts under the Customer Service tab.

Security Alerts:

Get an email automatically sent to your primary email address whenever changes or updates are made to your account, such as:

  • Address, email or phone number updates.
  • Internet Banking ID or password changes.

Note: The alerts will never include your name or full account number.

To automatically receive Security Alerts, please provide or update your primary email address by logging in to Online Banking and selecting My Profile under the Customer Service tab.



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1 Standard messaging charges apply through your mobile carrier and message frequency depends on account settings.
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