Checklist for Card Number or Expiration Date Changes

Here's what to do when the card number or expiration date changes on your credit card or check card:

  • Activate your new card as soon as you get it in the mail.
  • Update your new card information with all merchants that bill your card automatically. Common recurring transactions are listed below. Review your statements to identify any others.

+ Household and Business Expenses

- Household and Business Expenses

  • Gas/Water/Electric/Garbage
  • TV/Cable/Internet
  • Home/Cell Phone
  • Car Insurance
  • Rent

+ Internet Checkout Services

- Internet Checkout Services

  •®/iTunes®/Visa Checkout1 
  • Online Retail Stores/Clubs
  • Metro/Bus/Toll Booth EZ Passes

+ Services and Subscriptions

- Services and Subscriptions

  • Gym  Memberships
  • School Tuition/ Food Programs
  • Newspaper/Magazine Subscriptions
  • Pharmacy Prescriptions

  • Make payments as usual to the statement showing your old credit card number. The system will credit your account appropriately, and your next statement will reflect the new number.
  • Destroy any remaining credit or check cards with the old card number or expiration date.
  • Destroy all convenience checks with your old credit card number.

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